Ultimate Luxurious Bridal Expo

I was invited to a bridal expo by 2 of my co-workers and I was interested in going so I purchased my ticket. My co-workers aren’t engaged, they just wanted to go for the heck of it. Overall this was a great experience, I got a bag full of business cards and goodies. I can definitely use for future when planning for my wedding. As of now I’ll continue to dream on! ☺️ 



Caribana weekend in the 6

#Traveldiaries theme song for this trip was Rule the world by Walk Off The Earth!
This trip is definitely one for the books, filled with laughter,partying & all. I have never seen so many ratchets in my life aside the ratchets the men were looking real foine couldn’t help but smile with my eyes and look from a distance. Toronto definitely knows how to party!