Create the life YOU want


I claimed this year (2017) to be the year to take actions/initiatives on the things that I want to accomplish in life, so far the past few months have been eye opening. I have been learning a lot, mostly about myself and I have come to the realization that I cannot do anything without God, I have been praying and my prayers are being answered. I am getting the guidance that I have been asking for and most importantly the courage and motivation to start accomplishing my goals. I’m a big dreamer and always have great ideas that I want to bring to life but too afraid of failing; it’s time to change that. This post here is just to give someone in need a boost, some of these advice/tips (from books, and videos) listed below may be things you’ve heard over and over before but sometimes we need that refresher. I hope you find this blog helpful and share it with someone else  :).

  • Only You can bring your imaginations to life
  • Never change yourself trying to be perfect for others
  • Choose happiness
  • You never know what doors will open until you take chances
  • Self acceptance can only followed by self-improvement
  • Rich people think BIG, poor people think SMALL
  • If you think like a poor person, you’re always going to be poor
  • change your mindset
  • PRAY
  • Believe that you CAN do it
  • You can achieve anything you put your mind into
  • Find something you’re good at and make it work