Create the life YOU want


I claimed this year (2017) to be the year to take actions/initiatives on the things that I want to accomplish in life, so far the past few months have been eye opening. I have been learning a lot, mostly about myself and I have come to the realization that I cannot do anything without God, I have been praying and my prayers are being answered. I am getting the guidance that I have been asking for and most importantly the courage and motivation to start accomplishing my goals. I’m a big dreamer and always have great ideas that I want to bring to life but too afraid of failing; it’s time to change that. This post here is just to give someone in need a boost, some of these advice/tips (from books, and videos) listed below may be things you’ve heard over and over before but sometimes we need that refresher. I hope you find this blog helpful and share it with someone else  :).

  • Only You can bring your imaginations to life
  • Never change yourself trying to be perfect for others
  • Choose happiness
  • You never know what doors will open until you take chances
  • Self acceptance can only followed by self-improvement
  • Rich people think BIG, poor people think SMALL
  • If you think like a poor person, you’re always going to be poor
  • change your mindset
  • PRAY
  • Believe that you CAN do it
  • You can achieve anything you put your mind into
  • Find something you’re good at and make it work





2017 year of changes
Let this year be the year you take action for the things you’ve been slacking on, changes you’ve been wanting to make in your life, your job, your career, that plan, etc.

Claim it, believe it and most importantly Pray about it

YOU …❤️

We met once again, it’s like a holiday; only happens once a year

A holiday that is short lived with happiness almost every time

In your presence I lose myself, I only see you

Thinking about what coulda been, feels so real in the moment

 The minute you walk away you vanish in the wind

Waiting again, time is not moving fast enough

I’m impatient now, I wish you knew 

How much this undefined love is killing me

Every day seems to be more doomed because I only think of you

 wishing that you were thinking of me too

I’m aching now, I can feel the pressure in my heart

Holding back tears, I lose myself again 

Questioning my emotions, have I lost them too?

Shattered cold 

Trying to wrap these thoughts around my head

Should I let go? You’re no good for my heart anyway

Still, I love you and only you