YOU …❤️

We met once again, it’s like a holiday; only happens once a year

A holiday that is short lived with happiness almost every time

In your presence I lose myself, I only see you

Thinking about what coulda been, feels so real in the moment

 The minute you walk away you vanish in the wind

Waiting again, time is not moving fast enough

I’m impatient now, I wish you knew 

How much this undefined love is killing me

Every day seems to be more doomed because I only think of you

 wishing that you were thinking of me too

I’m aching now, I can feel the pressure in my heart

Holding back tears, I lose myself again 

Questioning my emotions, have I lost them too?

Shattered cold 

Trying to wrap these thoughts around my head

Should I let go? You’re no good for my heart anyway

Still, I love you and only you



 Ultimate Luxurious Bridal Expo

I was invited to a bridal expo by 2 of my co-workers and I was interested in going so I purchased my ticket. My co-workers aren’t engaged, they just wanted to go for the heck of it. Overall this was a great experience, I got a bag full of business cards and goodies. I can definitely use for future when planning for my wedding. As of now I’ll continue to dream on! ☺️ 


True love


She loved you more than I did

Because it would be us today

But instead it’s you & her

& that’s cool

My heart couldn’t tolerate inconsistencies

The games you played,  sitting like a king

Honestly it molded me into a better woman for he

Who is he?

Someone whom I choose to love

Without fear because by now my heart is steady

Ready to love again, with him!