My Happy Place

 There’s no place like home, literally the only place I’m always at peace and happy to be surrounded by my family. I usually take the time off to relax, reflect and enjoy the presence of my cousins and aunts. I wish I could spend more time because 10 days was not enough!   
  Beautiful sky, a sunny day makes life so much better. It makes a difference in my day.   
  Handmade bags made with love! 


Caribana weekend in the 6

#Traveldiaries theme song for this trip was Rule the world by Walk Off The Earth!
This trip is definitely one for the books, filled with laughter,partying & all. I have never seen so many ratchets in my life aside the ratchets the men were looking real foine couldn’t help but smile with my eyes and look from a distance. Toronto definitely knows how to party!