Traveling makes life better

Summer 16′ is one to remember

This summer I traveled to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Hawaii and Boston( home away from home). As usual, I’m always excited about going places but get overwhelmed closer to my trips due to having to pack; but it always get done eventually.

I spent about 3 weeks in Costa Rica, which was an adventure. I met with my friend who’s doing service there and we traveled to Nicaragua and Panama. Spent most of my trip traveling on a bus, by the end of my trip I didn’t want to think or see a bus lol.

Also visited Honolulu, Hawaii, to celebrate my mother’s birthday. It is so beautiful in Hawaii, I wish I had spent more time there to explore. I did get to do one tour, which left me exhausted for about two days – circle island tour 😓.  It took some time for my body to adjust to the time diffence, I was always tired.

In the midst of all of this traveling, I made a quick stop to my second hometown – Boston to celebrate with my friend on her wedding day. Love is an amazing thing, something so beautiful. I wish to experience that feeling someday.


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